Maximum Muscle Stimulation For Fat Loss

There is a big difference between bodybuilding and fat loss. If you want to get in shape, begin exercising, find a good personal trainer and become a regular at the gym or at least workout in your home. If you want to make the best use of your time though and want to burn more fat in as little time as possible, here are some tips.

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Big Pharma Pushing to Criminalize Supplements Canada’s C-51

Health freedom is under assault in Canada with a proposed law, C-51, that could outlaw 60% of the nutritional supplements currently sold in Canada. It would also criminalize activities like picking dandelions, drying herbs, or even giving homeopathic medicine to your own child!

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The Benefits of a Blended Salad

Blending raw, leafy greens guarantees that a higher percentage of nutrients will be absorbed into your bloodstream for your body to use – the blending of course, creating a Blended Salad. Discover the benefits of eating your greens this way, all natural, bursting with mother nature’s goodness.

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Want To Keep Your Freedom? Say No To Verichip

Good lord, we really have to become aware of what’s happening in the world (beginning with the US of course). Get chipped and lose your freedom. One step away from one world government.

Watch this video on rfid chips, don’t get implanted, stand your ground against it. If you’re not allowed to drive because you don’t have a chip – then dont drive.

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Top 10 Nutrient Dense Super Foods

One consideration for good health is that of increasing the amount of nutrient rich food that we consume. This list of the top 10 super foods is a great place to start.

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Ten Reasons To Start Your Day With a Good Breakfast

The reasons for eating breakfast far outweigh the time saved walking out the door on an empty stomach.

A great little post done by Christina who actually added this new habit and dropped 5 pounds within 2 weeks.

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The 2504 steps to closing your Facebook account.

I recently ‘deactivated’ my Facebook account, but couldn’t find a way
to have it deleted and leave for good. The procedure to close an account on Facebook is needlessly convoluted, full of phony roadblocks, and in some cases outright deceptive. They badly want to keep your information; read this email exchange with a Facebook representative.

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