5 Items To Buy At The Grocery – Which Would You Choose?

A poll to see which items you would purchase from the grocery if you were limited to 1 item per category. The goal is to get 100 comments from nations around the world to see what people choose to eat.

If readers participate in this poll, we should be able to get an idea of what different cultures choose. I think it would be interesting to see where it takes us

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Benefits of Saving Water By Using A Water Tank

All the money saving, installation, how to advice and information on the benefits of using rain water for around the home water needs. Includes government rebate links to help offset the cost of installation and setup at your home.

Scott Bird never ceases to amaze me on his environment articles.

Seriously worth the read and the Digg it deserves.

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0 to 60 in 1 second – Electric Drag Bike Sets World Record

“Killacycle” sets a world record at the drag races.

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